Pre-Blog Irresistibles Honours List

This list of irresistibles is dedicated to honouring sweet irresistibles that have been MoMo & Coco’s reliable pre-review favourites, and also those sampled since the inception of this site that were not photographed or documented here because it was not always appropriate nor convenient to photograph on that particular dining occasion. Enjoy!

Modern irresistibles from restaurants

    • No 35 – the most innovative and experimental modern desserts, and the irresistible views that confer the irresistible feeling that you are a high-roller on the top of the world. MoMo & Coco have had the privilege to delight in the business luncheon desserts of coconut tapioca, with ginger granita and mango salsa sorbet; coffee and cream mille feuille; and the berries and aerated chocolate. For that special occasion.
    • Gingerboy – the dessert share platter, but do not share. A fine example of casual dining.
    • Coda – the coconut panna cotta/pudding with tapioca and tropical sorbets; and also, most of the modern-Asian desserts, as seasonally available. A fine example of casual dining.
    • Longrain – the dessert sample platter. A fine example of casual dining, if a little dark in lighting aspect.
    • Izakaya Den – the fiji apple mille-feuille, and the eye candy. 😛 Restaurant and bar, food watching and people watching, can’t ask for more.
    • Cumulus – the lemon curd madeleines, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 😛
    • Cutler & Co – the icecream sandwich with salted caramel; and the violet ice cream, chocolate ganache, sour cherry and some seasonal floral concoction. MoMo & Coco believe desserts are the main strength of Cutler & Co, savoury fare tends to be too modern for our tastes.

Neo-classical irresistibles from restaurants

  • Mezzo Bar and Grill – the valrhona chocolate sorbet dessert with caramel diamonds served in a martini glass (available when it was formerly Oyster Little Bourke); and when you don’t have your own nonna, the best outside of Italy, tiramisu della nonna. Consistently excellent service with universal, inter-generational appeal.
  • Little Press – the seasonal sokolata (chocolate) dessert of a chocolate and salted caramel tart (a perfect amalgamation of two of our favourite things); and also, the neo-classical interpretations of traditional Greek desserts, and the fusion of European desserts with Mediterranean flavours, as seasonally available. Ideal for dates and quiet business.
  • Maha – the turkish delight-filled doughnuts, with rosewater honey, caramelised pralines and strong almond icecream; a molecular breakdown of the creme brulee; and also, most of the unique Middle-Eastern interpretations of classical European desserts, as seasonally available…all of which are guaranteed to be a magical carpet ride of sweetness. Date-night perfection.
  • Movida – the Vasco (a Basque “tart” filled with sweet quince and served with merengada ice cream), for a soft spanish-version of the scone (seems to be available only during winter/autumn months).
  • Movida Aqui – variations of classic creme caramel, crema catalana or the flan, as available. Occasionally available at the original Movida also. MoMo & Coco prefer dining at this later sibling…better service and less cramped.
  • Mamasita – the miniature sweet-corn ice cream cone with caramel and popcorn is worth the wait…although like its mod-Thai successor, you will need to overlook the raucous ambience, rush-rush service and hit-miss savoury fare.
  • The Court House – the classical panna cotta to be found in a surprising gastropub setting.
  • Tao Tao House – for a variety of post-yum-cha desserts that, when available, can go beyond the boring sago/mango pudding, macanese custard tarts, almond jelly and fruit platters, and remind MoMo & Coco of the enviable dessert selection offered at yum cha at the exclusive China Club, and in high teas at the Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong.
  • Grand Hyatt Collins Kitchen – for a fuss-free introduction to the institution of high tea, in an informal contemporary setting, accompanied by a smorgasbord of irresistibles, icecream bar, waffle station, chocolate fountain, and unlimited tea/coffee/hot chocolate.

Irresistibles from cafes and specialty boutiques

  • Le Triskel – every crepe under the roof of this laneway cafe, and the most charming service. Right next door to the best French macarons in Melbourne too, La Belle Miette.
  • Roule Galette – a very cosy nook for traditional crepes.
  • Aix Creperie – the less traditional but still so sweet, slightly pancake-y french crepes in a very very tiny place.
  • Waffle On – waffles of generous sweetness and proportions, to be devoured standing or sitting on crates, on a laneway corner near a train station no less.
  • Benitos – the sticky raisin-filled breakfast bun.
  • Commercial Bakery – le citron tart, and all manner of flaky pastries from a laneway cafe-cum-bakery.
  • Balha’s Pastry – the baklava, borma, shabiatt, assabeh, kol o shor, halva, ma’amoul, basbousa, hab el hal, and other Middle Eastern sweets saturated in cinnamon, cardamon, saffron, rosewater, honey, embellished with pomegranate, figs, dates, quince, pistachio, sesame, nuts, from this enormous bakery especially, but there’s also a number of other good, smaller Middle Eastern bakeries in the vicinity too.
  • Le Petit Gateau – the artisanal cakes (with barely any mousse components = real cakes), though we recommend especially the brownie and passionfruit chocolate gateau; and the praline mud cake.
  • Little Cupcakes – the most moist cupcakes in Melbourne, focusing on traditional flavours, we recommend especially the red velvet, cookies and cream and the cutie-pie teddy bear mini-cupcakes.
  • Laurent – a stalwart of european-style cakes.
  • Brunetti – the long-established stalwart of cakes, cakes, cakes.
  • Jock’s Ice Cream – the Obamarama icecream of course, but difficult to stop there. Lovely treat after a run in the neighbouring park.
  • Il Dolce Freddo – because when we can’t always be in Italy, the vast range of traditional and contemporary flavours available here is the next best option. A favourite since university days.
  • Koko Black – the almost-restaurant-worthy chocolate desserts! Bypass the lackadaisical high tea though.
  • Max Brenner – the molten chocolate shot.
  • Haighs Chocolate – chocolate, chocolate, chocolate (not the best, but large range available at comparatively affordable prices).
  • Suga – who doesn’t want a nostalgic big big big round boiled sugar lollypop??
  • The Original Lolly Shop – because MoMo & Coco misses Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups and all the lovely English toffees.
  • Most markets, theme parks or carnival events – the heavenly pink clouds of fairy floss, because it is an oldey, but a goodey, and because sometimes, the most simple irresistibles hold the best memories.

Irresistibles from bars/lounges

  • Izakaya Den – the fiji apple mille-feuille, and the eye candy.
  • The Waiting Room – the cherry jelly and peanut chocolate bar; the heavenly generous round block of chocolate, caramel and peanut parfait.
  • Berlin Bar – the only bar we know that has gummi bears!
  • For irresistibles of sweet alcoholism – special mention to Der Raum, Eau de Vie, The Lui Bar, New Gold Mountain, Double Happiness, The Atrium, Murmur, Emerald Peacock, Red Hummingbird, Gin Palace, Siglo, Misty, 1806, The Long Room…and those mentioned-above, of course.
…..*we need to mention that the other irresistibles sampled will be accordingly added to this list as they emerge from the depths of our memory and/or as we visit places where we did not photograph*….