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Special Dessert Reviews

MoMo & Coco’s Special Dessert Reviews to date:

Guides to the best desserts in Melbourne

Melbourne’s Best American Desserts

Melbourne’s Best Doughnuts

Melbourne’s Best Lemon Tarts

Melbourne’s Best Souffles

Melbourne’s Best Yum Cha Desserts

Mooncakes in Melbourne

Best Hong Kong dessert reports

Volume 1 – Fofo, Zafran, Bellbrook, Duddells, Mayta

Volume 2 – Souvla, Chachawan, Mango Tree, Cafe Malacca, Glass House

Volume 3 – Beef & Liberty, Stone Nullah, Brick Lane, Restoration

Guides to desserts from around the world

Belgravia Chocolate Hop Tour

Dessert Tour of London’s Borough Markets

A Guide to Chinese New Year Desserts

Snowskin Mooncakes in Singapore – TWG

Dessert degustations reviews

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Dessert Degustation at The Montagu Churchill

DIY Dessert Degustation with Burch & Purchese

KoKo Black – Great Gatbsy Chocolate Dessert Degustation Evenings

Mr Hive’s Dessert Bar

The Adelphi’s Om Nom Dessert Degustation Bar

Pierre Roelofs Dessert Evenings at Cafe Rosamond

Shaun Quade Dessert Evenings at Duchess of Spotswood

William Curley Dessert Bar

Seasonal dessert reviews

Christmas with Burch & Purchese

Christmas with Cacao

Christmas with Luxbite

Gingerbread Village by Epicure

Melbourne’s Best Christmas Desserts Bargains

Yamm at the Mira – Christmas Dessert Buffet

Annual “Melbourne’s Best Desserts” Awards

Melbourne’s Best Desserts – 2011

Melbourne’s Best Desserts – 2012

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