For the most exquisite chocolate centrepieces.

Our experience

One of two chocolate specialty sweet boutiques located in Melbourne’s affluent, leafy inner-east suburbs (the other is Xocolatl), Sisko is a most unassuming shopfront along the comparatively quieter Auburn Road in Hawthorn. Seemingly closed, it is shuttered by cream-coloured blinds. Inside, it seems more like a showroom rather than a shop per se. A floor-to-ceiling shelf on the right of the entrance holds ribboned boxes of sculptured chocolate flowers, and upon two glass-topped tables are marbled orbs that swirl like mini-gaseous planets, ornamental birds for decorating and hanging, and glass cylinders filled with moulded cocoa pods. Behind the shop counter is an onsite kitchen.

Sisko – the frontage

Unlike other chocolate boutiques in Melbourne, Sisko mostly focuses on creating chocolate sculptures for functions. MoMo & Coco have visited a few times previously, to take away an Easter egg basket, petalled Christmas trees and as pictured below, a lotus flower to place at the centre of the table while celebrating our heritage’s new year. There are magnificent chocolate bird sculptures available too, but are made-to-order, requiring about a month’s notice. Sisko’s creations are exceedingly pricey (usually upwards of $40 for the smallest size), but for special occasions, arguably, worth every delighted gasp elicited. 🙂

Sisko – inside the chocolate boutique

Sisko – inside the chocolate boutique

For this blog documentation, below is one of Sisko’s signature pret-a-porter flower sculptures, priced at $45 for this smaller lotus-shaped sculpture. There is a larger version that resembles a waratah bloom at $65. Both are available in dark, milk and white chocolate renditions. In MoMo & Coco’s experience, the dark chocolate is a little too bitter for our personal preference, with a strange woody aftertaste; and we don’t like anything white chocolate. Sisko’s milk chocolate by contrast is our preferred chocolate type, not too sweet, not too dark, unfolding with a slight bouquet of berries, running like a rich red wine, and ending dry and somewhat oaky.

Sisko – the Lotus Chocolate Flower Sculpture

Sisko – the Lotus Chocolate Flower Sculpture

Sisko – the Lotus Chocolate Flower Sculpture

Sisko – the Lotus Chocolate Flower Sculpture

Our verdict

Undoubtedly expensive, yes. But, for a different and delicious gift, and a stylish and edible decor item, Sisko’s chocolate sculptures are hard to beat. Can you imagine a function where florist arrangements are entirely replaced with Sisko’s chocolate flowers? That would be akin to stepping into heaven….

Dessert adventure checklist

  1. Dessert destination: Sisko Chocolate Design Studio, 330 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, Vic 3122.
  2. Budget: $$$.
  3. Sweet irresistibles: Chocolate.
  4. Must-eat: Chocolate flower sculptures.
  5. The short and sweet story: For the most exquisite chocolate centrepieces.

Sisko Chocolate Design Studio, on Urbanspoon


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